Monday, February 8, 2010

The Last Permit

It is kind of sad to think that my baby just got her Learner's Permit.

It seems just like yesterday she was falling into tables, tripping on the sidewalk, and getting stitches.




Pretty scary to think she will now be behind the wheel.

Luckily she has outgrown her clumsiness. In fact, having had to sit through us teach Tyler and Courtney how to drive, she is really quite good.


If you are wondering why she has her fingers over her picture, it is because her father told her that he would give her $5 if she pulled a funny face. She got the $5... Let's just hope that picture doesn't end up on her permanant driver's License!


Courtney took a Medical Terminology class from the GTI (Granite Technical Institute) last semester.

When she grows up she wants to be a Pediatric Nurse.

I think she will make a wonderful nurse, she just needs to get past the nausea she feels every time she sees blood, or gets poked with a needle. (She actually passed out the first time she had to have an IV.)

She also has a very tender heart.

We were sitting at Desert Star this past weekend watching the play Twi-lite. Courtney told us a story about the last time we were there. She said that she looked over a few tables and saw an elderly couple, the man reach into his coat pocket and pull out a mint and handed it to his wife. She said that it made her cry because it was cute. Sean and I looked at her like she was just a touch on the CUCKOO side and then promptly burst into laughter because she was actually crying AGAIN just relating the story to us.

Anyway, on the last day they handed out awards.

The Dean Vaugh Perfection award was for passing the final test with 100% accuracy. 350/350!! Yes, that is 350 Medical terms that she had to memorize!

CTE was another test she took, she had to get above 80%, she got a 94%.

The last award was a test they had to pass from SLCC she had to get above an 80%, she got a 98%.