Monday, March 29, 2010

Courtney's Birthday

Courtney turned 17 on the 23th of March.

She was so excited all day long, she kept saying, "Guess what? It's my birthday!", over and over again.

We had to go up to Cottonwood for a soccer fundraiser that night, so she didn't get to open her presents until later that evening.


Katie can't stand to have a picture taken without her being in it.


Courtney got a purse, some new clothes, a princess coloring book, a box of colored pencils, some makeup and... A NEW CAR!!!



She was totally shocked. The big box you see in the first 2 pictures had the key in it. I weighed it down with a heavy brick. Of course when she opened it, she just found another wrapped box, and then another, after opening 5 boxes, she came to a little gift card box that had a ford key in it. Katie started freaking out, saying "No way, no way!" Courtney didn't even believe us. Even when she ran out and saw the car, she still thought we were joking with her. I looked at her and said. "Courtney, I would never do that to you!" She said, "I know you wouldn't, but dad would!" I think she is still in shock.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Walden Farms

I usually don't post about food, but I have come across an amazing product that I have to share.

I was shopping at Harmons the other day and stumbled across the find of a lifetime. Walden Farms Calorie free salad dressing. Yes, you heard me right - CALORIE FREE! Sugar free, fat free, carb free, gluten free and cholesterol free. You would think it would be taste free, but you are wrong. I bought both the Ranch and Thousand Island. I didn't care much for the Ranch, but the Thousand Island is amazing! They have about 4 different varieties and are a little pricey at around $4 a bottle but they are calorie free!

I got onto the website and was amazed at all the calorie free products they have. Including a peanut spread and strawberry jam that I am dying to try.

Anyway, for those of you who love salads, and are watching your calorie intake, you will love this.

Happy salading everyone!