Sunday, August 7, 2011

A letter from Courtney

I was going through some boxes the other day and I ran across this letter.


It reads:


I think that I should be able to go to the movies tomorrow. I didn't do anything wrong last night. Katie just started kicking me because my feet were in the way, even though I told her to stop and I admit that I shouldn't have said it so loudly that I woke you up, she still kept kicking and crying and telling me to stop because she didn't want to be grounded. I think that grounding us until 12:00 tomorrow is enough punishment. Plus, remember how good we were when dad forced us to go on that 5 hour hike? We were miserable, but we still behaved! Please let me go to see that movie tomorrow!

PS. Please!

Love Courtney

(What Would Jesus Do)

I wish I could remember what movie she wanted to see so badly, and if I un-grounded her in time to see it. Knowing me, I probably did. I am a big softie when it comes to my kids. I imagine the only reason she was grounded in the first place was because my sleep was disturbed. You don't mess with the few hours of sleep I get.

And, just a disclaimer, we never forced the kids on a 5 hour hike. I am sure the 20 minutes it took them to climb up that little mountain seemed like 5 hours, but it wasn't!

PS. Nice job on the coloring Courts, I love all the different colors you used. The flower on the top is especially pretty.

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CJ said...

It is wonderful to find this treasure.